Dan Vickerman

As a member of CURUFC the programs designed and delivered under Ed Hallam provided the building blocks to compete and perform at the right level. I found the program both professional, challenging, beneficial and enjoyable. I believe that any program co-ordinated under the guidance of Cambridge Strength & Conditioning will allow both teams and individuals to achieve their goals’

Dan Vickerman54 International Caps for Australia (Wallabies), ’09 winning CURUFC Varsity Match Captain, Northampton Saints (5 Caps), NSW Waratahs (53 Caps), Brumbies (16 Caps)
Adrian Cassidy – Executive Coach – The Team Builder (theteambuilder.co.uk), Performance Director/Chief Coach Rowing Ireland, Performance Coach – British Rowing.

Ed’s personality and energy are easy to work with.  He brings a tenacious attention to detail and a very high level of technical competence in delivering his strength & conditioning programme.  He is an excellent teacher on the ground and always gets the most out of the athletes.

Adrian Cassidy – Executive Coach – The Team Builder (theteambuilder.co.uk), Performance Director/Chief Coach Rowing Ireland, Performance Coach – British Rowing.Executive Coach , Performance Director/Chief Coach Rowing Ireland, Performance Coach – British Rowing.The Team Builder (theteambuilder.co.uk),
Annie Vernon –

The CUWBC programme we are building from having no funding and very little support or coaching of any kind into a world class centre of excellence for women’s rowing.   In the approach to the first womens boat race on the tideway in 2015 we are attracting the best student-athletes from around the world.  Cambridge Strength & Conditioning provide the foundation for our programme and have been a major driving force in developing our programme onwards and upwards.  Their expertise, enthusiasm and understanding is helping the CUW evolution ready for 2015

Annie Vernon – Assistant Coach, Double World Gold Medalist and Olympic Silver Medalist, Beijing 2008 Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club
George Nash

“At Cambridge University Boat Club we benefit hugely from the S&C coaching and training that Ed and his team give us.  Their diligent, scientific and professional approach enable us to get to the start line of the boat race in top condition.“

George NashCambridge University Boat Club President ’13, Olympic Bronze Medalist, London 2012. World Champion 2014.
Steve Trapmore, MBE

Ed and his team at Cambridge Strength & Conditioning is a huge asset to the programme at Cambridge University Boat Club.  Using Rowing specific strength and conditioning our athletes have developed to be more resilient, faster, stronger and able to technically deliver the movement we need to move our boats fast.

Steve Trapmore, MBEChief Coach, Olympic Gold Medalist, SydneyCambridge University Boat Club
Rob Baker

Ed and the Cambridge Strength & Conditioning Team form an integral part of the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club training program.  We are working to produce well coordinated, injury free, strong and powerful athletes.  This work starts in the gym with Ed’s team.  CUWBC is the third rowing team I have worked for where we’ve employed Ed’s services and given the choice I would not work with anyone else.

Rob BakerChief CoachCambridge University Women’s Boat Club